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Please read the following statements. As the parent I understand:

1) This is an online class with a live instructor.

2) Good internet connection and a headset with a microphone are required.

3) Free Spirited Homeschool Outreach (FSHO) will supply a numerical or letter grade, based upon in class work, to the parent, if requested. A transcript will be managed by the charter school.

4) Each month, the parent will receive a syllabus to follow indicating class work and/or homework to be completed, along with an email weekly if there is any additional information or changes. The contents of the email should be printed for the learner. From an instructor and parent viewpoint, this will only enhance your learner’s educational growth. The parent will proctor any written quiz or test and then return it to the teacher as a single PDF file.

5) It is the parent's responsibility to make sure the quiz/test is returned to the instructor by the designated time each week unless other arrangements have been made with the instructor.

6) ​Depending on the student, it may be necessary for the parent to:

  • ensure that the student attends class.

  • ensure that the student is engaged in class, working problems as requested, and asking/answering questions during class.

  • help the student learn to take notes during a live class environment.

7) Because Free Spirited Homeschool Outreach cannot give grades for homework not received, it may be necessary for the parent to check to see that homework is being completed, checked and corrected. Please work with your instructor/vendor to ensure a full educational experience.

8) It is the parent's responsibility to view the student's personal Google file weekly to see updates on grades and read teacher feedback on assessments.

9) If you are self-paying and need to set up an account with your instructor for monthly payments, please contact them promptly. They most likely have their own independent policies for non-payment or cancellations.

10) If a registered learner withdraws on or before Sept 1, the parent will not be required to pay a withdrawal fee. However, if the registered learner withdraws 48 hours following the first class a withdrawal fee of $50.00 will be accessed by FSHO, which will not be paid by the charter.

11) If a registered learner withdrawals after the 2nd LIVE Session of class, the entire fee for the 8 week session will be due and payable to the instructor. Speak with your charter directly as to whether they will pay this, or if you as the parent are responsible.  Please be aware that enrollment is for the full 8 week session. If you leave your charter mid-session and funds were not fulfilled, you will be responsible for the remainder of the payment out of pocket.  If you elect to drop the class after the second week, or if you do not secure a Purchase Order/Enrichment Certificate from your charter, payment for the full semester is due and payable.  Please notify your instructor promptly if you are dropping a class.  The parent or charter is still responsible for classes already attended should you elect to drop prior to the beginning of the third week.



Student Policies

Please read the following statements:

1) I will do my best to complete all assigned homework in a timely manner.

2) I understand that homework assignments may not be graded.

3) I understand that time will be given during each class for questions from homework assignments.

4) I will be diligent during the virtual class to stay focused on the instructor and the lesson.

5) I will be diligent to stay engaged in learning and ask questions where needed.

6) I will show myself to be kind, honest, courteous, and obedient.

7) I will turn in the quiz/test each week at the designated time or have a parent ask the instructor for an extension.

8) Weekly, I will view with my parent my personal OneNote file for grade updates and assessment feedback provided by my teacher.

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