“You can teach a student a lesson for a day; but if you can teach him to learn by creating curiosity, he will continue the learning process as long as he lives.”
Clay P. Bedford


Our English/Language Arts program instills a Charlotte Mason viewpoint of rich, vivid literature without the “twaddle” while maintaining grade level reading comprehension through discussions, copy work, verbal/written questionnaires, and even through motion. Our focus is based on state standards of phonics, reading, writing, grammar (starting at 2nd grade), spelling/high frequency words, and vocabulary. Specifically:

3rd Grade: This year will be introducing novels while weaving in short stories. Writing focus will be narrations along with cause and effect and persuasive responses. Outside reading will be required through book reports. Class will still have a focus in reading comprehension, grammar, spelling and vocabulary.

4th Grade: While moving one step further from 3rd Grade, this year’s focus in writing will be an introduction to the IEW method Level A-1, using narratives, argumentative, picture writing and journaling. Continuing the novel approach to literature, vocabulary, spelling, and grammar.

5th Grade: While moving one step further from 4th Grade, this year’s focus in writing will be an introduction to the IEW method Level A-2, using various writing styles and introducing literary devices commonly used throughout the learners writing. Continuing the novel approach to literature, vocabulary, spelling, and grammar.

6th Grade: In this middle school year, learners will begin a challenging year using strong literature, an introduction to utilizing IEW Level B to expand their writing, while maintaining grade level grammar, spelling, and vocabulary. Learners will be reading four novels over the course of a year, learning to analyze and annotate them with notes.


These twice a week advanced english & language arts courses bring writing and novels into a rewarding yet challenging environment. Expectations are high for these courses. Utilizing writing, grammar, vocabulary, novel reading, annotating, and research, our instructors bring a wealth of knowledge in an IEW  foundational based and creative thought format. 

Utilizing both short story, novel, and various literature pieces, each course will amplify writing styles along with challenging learners to be out of the box thinkers. Including project based learning, learners will hone in on multiple skills and thrive in a well rounded educational path.

7th - Combination Course with World History, this course will focus on reading to understand in depth literature

8th - Combination Course with US History, this course will focus on our Founding Fathers through literature autobiographies and primary sources

9th - This combination Literature & Composition course with World Geography will focus on not just understanding sources, but also analyze them in a literal sense. With discussions, projects, presentations, and essays this course will provide a solid foundation into high school and college English courses

10th - This combination World Literature and World History course will unfold using texts from various countries and time periods. Honing in on analysis skills by participating in discussions, projects, presentations along with multiple essays. This is a college prep course. 


Our history curriculum features a narrated, integrated approach to world history, covering human history from the Ancient times to the present.  Classes are taught in a straightforward, engaging style that include mapwork and artwork/hands-on projects from the time period studied.

Courses offered will include:

Ancient Times (Vol. 1)

The Middle Ages (Vol. 2)

Early Modern Times (Vol. 3)

The Modern Age (Vol. 4)

Utilizing a four-year rotation for Grades 2 – 5. Learners can begin at any volume and rotate through. FSHO recommends completing these volumes in a chronological order, beginning at Ancient Times (Vol. 1).

Beginning in Grade 6, FSHO utilizes a state standard approach to Social Studies, integrating textbook work with a close look at primary and secondary sources along with critical thinking discussion into the time period.

               6th Grade: Ancient and Medieval Civilizations

               7th Grade: World History from 1500 A.D. (Independent Study)

               8th Grade: United States History (Independent Study)

               9th Grade: World Geography (with English 9)

               10th Grade: World History – an in-depth look (with English 10)

               11th Grade: US History – an in-depth look (Independent Study)

               12th Grade: Civics (Government) and Economics (Independent Study) 

Disclosure: High School courses are currently NOT A-G approved.


Our State Standards Science are topic, project and experiment based courses. For grades 3 through 5, FSHO has created a state standardized science program utilizing all genres of science with biology, earth, chemistry and physical sciences. These courses have been designed by FSHO to learn the fundamentals of every science so that each learner has a well-rounded scientific foundation. Our learners are encouraged to fully engage with the fundamental steps of science: inquiring, thinking, predicting, analyzing, and applying. Learners will think critically and use their reasoning skills as they learn new content, applying what they've learned to online content, activities, and labs.

Grade 3 - Ecology, Animals, Plants and States of Matter

Grade 4 - Ecosystems, Earths Structure, Astronomy, Properties of Matter 

Grade 5 - Cells, Germination, Energy, Natural Resources and Electricity

For Middle School and High School, our vigorous courses offer a rigorous academic program while integrating virtual labs and interactive discussions.

6th Grade - Earth Science

7th Grade - Life Science (Independent Study)

8th Grade - Physical Science (Independent Study)

9th Grade - Biology (Independent Study)

10th Grade - Chemistry (Independent Study)

11th Grade - Physics (Independent Study

12th Grade - Advance Biology (Anatomy) (Independent Study) or Marine Biology (Independent Study)

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