As an instructor, I am always looking for the best way to bring about the greatest educational plan for my students. As a mom, I am always looking for something engaging and motivating for my children. 

FSHO is striving to meet the needs of the leaner and parent as well as the Charter School. We are different. 


  • We offer 8 week sessions, using a continued growth of learning. Every 8 weeks will feel refreshing and new.

  • We offer live virtual office hours for our learners attending live classes or independent study.

  • We offer tutoring at a discounted rate for those needing a little bit of an extra push, or just to get their homework done.

  • We offer Educational Learner Boxes for some courses. These will be filled with art supplies, manipulatives or hands on experiments, making each class come alive.


  • We offer local field trips throughout the year, most at a cost. (Not paid by Charter)

  • We offer Park Days (unmonitored)

  • We offer Local Events: such as a science experiments done in person

  • We offer Virtual Book Clubs, Science Clubs, Lego Creators Club and many more.



Free Spirited Homeschool Outreach is a well respected and thriving community of live online and virtual educational classes for 3rd - 12th grade. We have established a history of commitment toward our students and their families. Here we are dedicated to offering various classes to families and students of all ages in a unique online atmosphere using live 1 - 2 day per week courses, including office hours and tutoring options. With something for anyone looking to foster their inner self. We strive to instill creativity while still teaching the core subjects in a fun and vibrant manner. Come as a guest to admire our different way of learning that has inspired us to be Free Spirited Homeschool Outreach, while seeking a fun, relaxing, and well rounded learning experience.

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Staying Above the Rest

Being a free spirit means you have your own passions and your own world to enjoy. Doing things because they make you happy, however weird or wacky they may seem to others, is so important. ... This ties in with being independent – do what you enjoy doing and don't let anybody make you feel uncomfortable about it.
Founded in 2019, Free Spirited Homeschool Outreach is a community of teachers and students working side-by-side in a friendly environment that encourages and inspires educational growth in our online class format.  We believe everyone has a creative side, looking to express themselves through literature, writing, history, science, crafting or technology. We want to help you find your creative voice. Each and every one of our teachers has experience with out of the box thinking within the classroom, even in exploring the outdoors.
Our teachers have not only a love for learning, but a strong work ethic by making ourselves available to each of our students. Please get in touch with us today to learn more about what we are offering.

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